No, Really, You Can’t

Obama crowds chanting “Yes, we can” is positively Orwellian. What Obama’s platform really tells the American people is “No, you can’t”.

No, you can’t handle your own healthcare decisions properly. The Feds can do it better.

No, private enterprise can’t develop renewable energy solutions on its own. The Feds need to subsidize it.

No, states can’t balance their budgets anymore. The Feds are here to rescue you from your irresponsible fiscal policies.

No, Americans can’t overcome prejudice and discrimination. The Feds will make you.

No, employees can’t be trusted with secret ballots in union elections. You can’t do the right thing unless you have a union representative looking over your shoulder.

No, American communications companies can’t provide broadband for all by themselves. The Feds can better determine how our wireless facilities are best utilized.

No, employers can’t pay their employees a fair wage. The Feds will decide for you what an unskilled, inexperienced worker should be paid.

No, you can’t possibly comprehend credit card disclosures or the terms of a home mortgage. You’re too stupid. The Feds are there to make sure it gets dumbed down for you.

No, employers can’t fairly consider employee requests for time off. The Feds are there to make sure you get the time for anything the Feds consider fair.

No, you can’t provide appropriate pre-school and other learning opportunities for your child. The Feds have to help you.

No, states and local school districts can’t solve their own problems. No, the Feds know best, from hundreds or thousands of miles away, their bureaucrats can solve the problems in your child’s classroom.

No, you can’t provide for retirement on your own. The Feds are there to make you do it.

I don’t think Obama gives the American people and American business nearly the credit they deserve.


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