I Want To Hear From Conservatives Who Support Obama – Talk To Me!

I’m just a regular American citizen, admittedly on the conservative side, and this headlong rush to elect Obama is mystifying to me.

It’s not that I don’t grasp liberalism – I may not agree, but I “get” it. It’s the conservatives supporting Obama that have me flummoxed. I sincerely invite you to tell me why.

I think the discussion is important, and on my part, I promise to be civil about it. That doesn’t mean I won’t tell you why I think he’s wrong for the country, but I’m not inviting you here to flog you mercilessly. I want to hear your reasons.

I want to know why you don’t think his associations and alliances matter. I want to know why his record on abortion doesn’t bother you. I want to know how, if you are a fiscal conservative, you’re voting for a candidate who plans massive increases in entitlements and has had no problem getting pork and earmarks for his state.

I want to know what eclipses the legitimate concerns most conservatives have about him. I don’t see it. I’m not a pundit, I’m not an expert on politics – I just don’t understand, and it frustrates me.

If you’re liberal, I get why he sounds so good to you. It’s not that you’re not welcome here, but I really want to hear from people who supposedly share my principles.

Anyone? Please comment.


4 thoughts on “I Want To Hear From Conservatives Who Support Obama – Talk To Me!

  1. I’m baffled, too–will be watching this post. I have tried to have this conversation with a number of people, and they cannot or will not answer my rebuttals.Sigh…Lori

  2. Four years of Obama might be great for galvanizing the conservative movement. That’s a theory I’m not ready to take responsibility for, though. I’m holding my nose and pulling McCain this year.

  3. As Reagan said – “Government programs, once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earth!” – and even two years with a Democratic majority will be a disaster, even if galvanized conservatives can produce gridlock in 2010 by regaining the majority. If the minimum wage is raised, who is going to vote to roll it back? If the Unions get their Free-to-Coerce Act in place, will that be reversed? If the “Fairness” Doctrine is instituted, how much more difficult will it be to win in 2010 when the left owns all the media?I’m worried that one day of an Obama administration will be too much.

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