Oh, Puke!

Random thoughts about “The Infomercial”.

His first testimonial is the woman complaining about how costs are going up and up…. A basic understanding of economics tells us that Obama’s policies are inflationary. He won’t do her any good.

Take a risk and start a business – a society that honors work? Hah!

Notice he’s redefining “rich” to $200,000 from $250,000.

He gives with one hand and takes away with the other. He speaks of a tax break for businesses creating jobs. Am I the only one who wonders if it will outweigh the increased costs his policies will place on business – further increasing minimum wage? More unionization? Insurance mandates? Higher taxes in general? Why do I doubt his tax break will come close to the burdens he’ll place on small business?

Will it outweigh union demands?

Loans to small business? What the?!?!?! That’s what banks are for.

What commitment does this country have to its people beyond opportunity and freedom – we are promised the right to pursue happiness, not that we’ll get it? We have a commitment to ensure equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome.

You should not be able to find a job that pays a living wage unless you have the skills worthy of a living wage. And who is he to define living wage anyway? The vast differential in cost of living across the country argues against any federally mandated “living wage”.

“What we need are big solutions.” Big spending is certainly what he has in mind.

I’m really sorry about the old folks who refinanced their house to pay for insurance, but did they not think about planning for insurance before deciding to retire? What were they thinking?

He’s going to help the auto industry produce more fuel-efficient vehicles? What the hell does he know about designing cars?

Call on every American to conserve energy… Here come the thermostat police.

His “line by line” promise to cut the budget does not reassure me, not with the millions in earmarks he’s put in for during his short tenure as Senator.

He knows damn well that we can’t pull out of Iraq precipitously – don’t pretend we’re going to realize saving from Iraq right away.

You don’t care about big companies, oil, insurance, etc – they can take care of themselves. Indeed. They’ll leave. They’ll fold, and they’ll leave government to pick up the tab.

He was shaped by his father’s absence – look at whom he sought out as mentors and father figures. Yikes!

Now is not the time for small plans – doesn’t that scare anyone?

Community service…. Radicalizing our youth with the likes of United Allies what you have in mind?

Hospitals are already putting records in electronic format, improving processes and paperwork, etc. – They’ll get there without Obama sticking his nose in.

The lower insurance cost estimate was pulled out of his …

You’ll keep own doctors and insurance until they fold up.

No one without preexisting conditions will be able to pay less for a policy that doesn’t cover what they don’t need.

I am my brother’s keeper, sure. I’ll handle it. The Feds can butt out.

Talk to your black separatist education program-promoting buddy of yours about how “united” we should be as a country.

He reached across the aisle to keep loose nukes out of the hands of terrorists – gee, that’s pretty controversial. Way to buck your party, Senator

Manufacturing was destroyed in part by the unions who own Obama.

Why do I think of the banana boat song whenever Obama says “Taliban”? Something about the way he pronounces it.

He will not bring bipartisanship – any decent conservative will fight him tooth and nail, I guarantee it.

He is not telling us what you think and where you stand – he will not fess up to your communist and radical relationships and attitudes

Reward work, create jobs, create prosperity, provide healthcare benefits, invest in renewable energy – by voting for McCain.

I want to puke every time he talks about unity. I will fight against socialism, and I hope others join me.


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