I’d Vote For This Guy!

For anyone who wants to lay a vote for McCain at the feet of racism, I can’t imagine a conservative that wouldn’t vote for this guy. I think this may be the best video of the election season. Or ever.

Come on, Obama voters. Watch this and think about it.

He gets it. He really gets it.

Edited 11:20am

What I wouldn’t give to introduce Mr. Parks to this chick.


7 thoughts on “I’d Vote For This Guy!

  1. Trickle Down economics doesn’t work. Get over it. If the rich get richer, the middle class and poor get poorer… then, they have no money to spend and the economy falters. This is what has happened in our environment today.Teddy Rosevelt’s progressive taxation is what has made our country so wealthy and powerful, don’t kid yourself.

  2. You contradict yourself. We HAVE progressive taxation. And I can accept that to a reasonable degree. But what Obama is proposing goes beyond mere progressive taxation. A country is playing with fire when it reaches the point where more people receive benefits from government programs than those who pay for them. When a populace with no investment in the system becomes interested only in taking more from it, it’s a recipe for disaster.

  3. Anyone who thinks that the middle class gets poorer when the rich gets richer is an idiot. If only the pie was static… but it isn’t. Also, our tax system is more progressive today than it was 8 years ago. The rich in our country pay a higher percent of taxes than nearly ever before. Get over it, the democrats are wrong and lying. Stupid kool-aid drinkers need to wake up.

  4. The guy in the video states that business that make less than 250K is ‘teeny, tiny’ business. He doesn’t understand business and obviously doesn’t have a business. I’m a business owner. My business has a gross income of 400-500K/month. Last year our profit for tax purposes was 4K. That’s how business works

  5. “My business has a gross income of 400-500K/month. Last year our profit for tax purposes was 4K. That’s how business works”What a load.Seriously, do you expect anyone to believe a business grossing 5-6 million a year only produced 4K in profit. Really? Give me a break.If it is true, I suggest you close your doors – you’re obviously horribly mismanaging the place.

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