The Election May Be Over, But…

Many are not happy with the election results. I know I’m not. I do not trust Obama. Rahm Emanuel is hardly a unifying figure. Union officials are already looking for payback. Ahmadinejad can’t restrain his glee. It’s tough to be a conservative right now, looking at how far my country has been led astray.

But, I can be grateful that I live in a country where the transfer of power is peaceable. I have to love the democratic process even when I don’t love the result. And I am especially grateful for the wisdom of our Constitution, and the staggered terms of our Senate.

Emotions ran high this election cycle. Many Republicans took the fall for a subpar President – and not just at the national level. In Nevada, we lost some good people in the state legislature. Many did nothing to lose their election – except running with an R next to their name.

The prospect of Obama with Democratic majorities in Congress is troubling to me. But fortunately, an irrational electorate couldn’t throw out all of the Republicans in the Senate. We’re in the minority, but retained the filibuster firewall.

If Obama governs as a relative centrist in spite of his radical roots, great. But we need our Senators to fight back if Obama pushes anything too nuttily left.

We need courage. We need commitment to principles. We need our Republican Senators to stand up and not roll over. We need them to fight for America, and not worry if they’re called uncooperative or obstructionist. If it needs to be stopped, they need to stop it. They’re all we’ve got. If they forget what is on the line, we need to remind them, with vigor.

Those of us who opposed Obama are over 56 million strong. We are not insignificant. We do not need to buy into a mandate. We still need to fight for what we feel is best for the country.

The election may be over, but the real fight is just beginning.


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