The Here and Now

Obama won the battle. He will win the war if conservatives jump on the 2012 train.

We need the few representatives we have left in Washington to fight not only for us, but also for the country. No matter what kind of mandate Obama thinks he has, conservatives still need to fight him. Consider it a battle for the non-voters and even the unregistered.

The Republican senators will need the most courage of all.

We need the GOP be the Grand Obstructionist Party. We need to play some heavy-duty defense.

(Bleep) bipartisanship. We need them to defend our principles NOW before it is utter political suicide to try to reverse course later.

Take minimum wage, for example. No matter how ruinous the additional increase proposed by Obama would be to the economy, no realistic person would expect it to be reduced or repealed.

Healthcare? Once the government starts down the road of government-subsidized and controlled insurance, we will end up with a single-payer system, and sooner than many suspect.

They need to filibuster the incredibly inaptly named Employee Free Choice Act. What, may I ask, is freer than a secret ballot? The unions own Obama. We need to let them know they don’t own all of Congress yet.

We need leaders who can articulate to the general population why they’re not “giving Obama a chance”.

This isn’t football, where (with the exception of the onside kick) they give us the ball back after scoring. We need to take the ball back, because once they score, the game is rigged forever in their favor. We can’t take the points off the board – not even if there is unsportsmanlike conduct.

Forget 2012 for now. Our leaders, if they are indeed true leaders, will emerge.

We need to work right now with what we do have, to prevent our future candidates from going onto the field way behind and with the referees bought.


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