Twittergulag Update

After three accounts being suspended by Twitter, I opened a fourth. And a fifth. With the fourth one, I bumbled around a bit on the twittergulag hashtag, working to find people who might know more about what was going on and how I might get out. The fifth one I chose to remain anonymous except for a select few people. These last two were not suspended at any time, but I was being very careful about who I responded to. I was posting but not brawling with liberals. I was mainly just trying to get my original account back, where I had the most followers.

One might assume my first account, which was the first to be suspended, would be the first to be unsuspended. Curiously, no. My 2nd and 3rd accounts came back, so I still kept on trying to get my main account back, which finally happened in the wee hours of Saturday morning. I think it was ultimately Michelle Malkin and the Twitchy Team that got to the right people to free my primary account, though it could have been any number of people posting and retweeting requests on my behalf. There’s a lot of support out there in the Twitter community for people who are unjustly silenced. I’ll do what I can to pay it forward.

At this point I’ll be careful about too many conversations with too many liberals at once. That seems to be key. There’s a crew that will bait you into extended conversations where others join in, and pretty soon they all block you for spam, tripping the algorithms to get you suspended.

It’s sad to say about the state of political division in this country that there are so few who can debate with civility. I try to. Once you start cussing someone out for their beliefs, at least one of you has lost.


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